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Why it took me an hour to go to the shops

Why it took me an hour to go to the shops

Why it took me an hour to go to the shops


Well I missed to blog yesterday as we were setting up for our Awaken MBS show in Cwmbran tomorrow. As I don’t blog on weekends I thought I would take a few minutes to share with you my smiley happy morning and why it took it me an hour to go the post office (which is a 3 minute walk from my house).

Way back in 2011 I moved back home to my childhood village. I had moved away in my 20’s for the bright lights of London not craving to have back the peace and contentment of living in a small community. In reality this move took me across the UK and Ireland as all in all I encountered 22 house moves.

During my life changing experience of burnout in 2009 I found myself needing to surround myself more and more with the familiarity of my youth. I needed the peace and the security of needing to be alone mixed with the knowing that on every corner there was a friendly face just waiting to share a smile, a quick hello and a listening ear if one was needed.

Today having decided to take a day off as I am working the weekend I set out to go to the post office at 10.30am thinking I would be back by 10.45am!

However on this beautiful spring morning this is what happened next :

Firstly I met a neighbour and stopped to have a chat; I then got to the post office where I met a friend who needed help to get something of the top shelf, I gladly obliged then stopped for another five minute chat; On to the post office to get my things sorted only to end up talking to the lady behind the counter of how you can now pay into any bank account using the post office counter – well who knew! I left the post office and on my way out spoke to an elderly lady (friend) who I have known since childhood, during this conversation two people stopped to say Hi and one couple stopped by to ask the way to the butchers.

All this and I was already into my first half hour! Off I went to the supermarket where I met another friend, we stopped and had a chat about the local music festival coming up in June, we both help on the cake stand so we chatted about how we were going to do that and avoid calories on the day.

On the way out I spoke to another one of our neighbors then as I crossed the road got asked the way to the local farm park by a couple who were lost (not the same ones looking for the butchers I hasten to add!)

I made my way home smiling to myself about the lovely people I had met on my quick jaunt to the post office only to bump into a lovely chap (one of my old neighbors) who had recently had a fall, yep you guessed it another five minutes gone.

When I eventually got home I realised I had indeed been out for an hour and as I have to meet my parents at 1pm thought ‘oh well the ironing will have to wait till yet another day’.

It’s now time to lunch and reflect on how lovely my morning turned out to be, I didn’t get the ironing done but eh my morning was filled with warm sunshine and conversation which to me puts ironing way down the list of best ways to spend your time.

Today’s blog post is also a reflection of my last one, the importance of people and friendships. I am thrilled I took an hour to go to the shops as my morning has certainly been uplifting and a reminder that time is best used when you give up the pressures and just go with the flow.

I am so happy to be home living in this wonderful community which every day brings a smile, I often wonder what took me so long to realise that home truly is, where the heart is.

Have a great weekend and if you get chance go for a walk in your community, speak to those you meet however just a few words of advice – leave plenty of time.


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