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Where are you in regards to your 2019 goals?

Where are you in regards to your 2019 goals?

Where are you in regards to your 2019 goals?

This morning I have been hosting our monthly Awaken Business Club meeting where the topic was ‘Focusing on your Goal’. This may seem strange in April however I know from experience how easy it is to set goals in January and then just twelve weeks later (the end of March) you are still on the starting blocks.

The first thing we discussed was that as we are now in April (the second quarter of the year) we should in fact be at least a quarter of a way to turning that goal into a reality, if not it is time to act before another quarter passes you by.

During the meeting however we identified many reasons for why some indeed are not off the starting blocks so I thought today I would blog about them. In doing so I decided to pass on some tips that we discussed on what to do about it so if you feel stuck you too can use them.

Planning - If you planned goals at the beginning of 2019 but haven’t taken one inspired action towards them then that will be why you haven’t made any progress. It is great to have a plan however every day you need to do one thing in line with that plan in order for your end goal to be realised.

Focus – Are you truly focussed on the outcome, do you know what it is you really want to achieve, again if not then you won’t have made progress. A scattergun approach never works, focus on what you want to achieve, put energy into it and watch as it unfolds.

Passion – Are you lacking in passion, does your goal seem unattainable so rather than do anything you do nothing? If yes then you need to ask yourself how much you desire the achievement of the goal you have set. Any goal is harder to attain if you are working towards it halfheartedly. Embrace your goals; add passion and positive energy to them so that you literally ignite them to come alive.

Confidence – Have you set a goal but in your heart you are holding on to fear? Is it this fear that is holding you back? What are you afraid of? Not being good enough, being judged, that you aren’t qualified enough, that people will think you are an imposter? Whatever it is seek help and advice, remember FEAR is merely False Evidence Appearing Real!

Delegation - Are you trying to achieve your goals alone? If so then take a look around you, there are plenty waiting and willing to help. We often think that we should be able to do everything that others seem to get by doing so when in fact this is not the case. The key to reaching goals is to ask for help, you never know who knows who that can help you on your way. Just ASK….

And finally…

Review your goals on a regular basis, look at the above and work through them, identify the gaps and if you haven’t move forward in the first quarter say to yourself

‘Today is the day that I will begin my journey to reach my 2019 goals, I set them because I desire them, I know therefore in my heart I can and will achieve the outcome I have visualised’

Then take inspired action daily and like a flower watch your outcome grow to fruition.

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