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When Opportunity Knocks

When Opportunity Knocks

When Opportunity Knocks


Welcome to my new website and the first blog since the launch. Today I want to share with you my thoughts on opportunities.

Personally I love new opportunities, I love it when a door opens and I can walk right on in!! There have been times, admittedly when I was the one standing at the edge looking in but as time has gone on I have with age and experience comes confidence.

It is with great respect now that I embrace my corporate years for it is through the companies I worked for I was encouraged to stand out in front of the crowd to speak. As it was part of the many senior roles I undertook I guess it became second nature and for that today, running my own business I am grateful for.

This last week has provided me with many opportunities including standing out in front of a room full of 100 attendees to tell them about my mentoring journey. The old me would have probably quivered in my shoes however I was thrilled to be afforded this opportunity and as a result I got some great feedback.

As we travel our journey path we are often placed in situations that at the time can seem daunting but if we look back we often see that these situations are opportunities in disguise. I urge you to keep your eye out for opportunities, I can assure you they do come knocking in many guises, it is your job to open the door and embrace them; take each situation and experience you are faced with and ask yourself ‘where within it lies the lesson and / or the opportunity’, from experience I believe that if ‘you seek, you will find’

I am certainly looking forward to my week ahead of opportunities which include, my first time of presenting my new radio show on NH Sound, (5pm November 3rd), the third Awaken Business Club Meeting (Tuesday November 7th) and a trip to London to deliver my story through Corporate Burnout to a large corporate company.

I intend to use these opportunities to assist others to recognise the full potential of their life or indeed their business. I hope you too have some great opportunities this week, keep your eyes peeled, they may be hiding but they will be there.


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