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Today I met 'Eddie the Eagle' Edwards

Today I met 'Eddie the Eagle' Edwards

Today I met 'Eddie the Eagle' Edwards

(I also signed up to a challenge!)

Before you ask NO the challenge is not to beat Eddie’s British record of 73.5 m which he achieved in one of his Calgary jumps in 1988, I am not brave enough nor fit enough to even think about it let alone train to do it (add age to that and it is a definite NO NO).

I have however signed up to a 31 day of blogging challenge, so while this is easy in comparison it will take the personal attributes that Eddie talked about when I saw him speak at a breakfast meeting this morning.

So what you may ask are those skills, well I believe they are skills necessary when setting yourself a challenge and ultimately a goal.

As Eddie took us through his journey from Cheltenham to Calgary it was clear that his determination to succeed was paramount, failure was not an option, he had a goal in sight and he was going to achieve it whatever it took.

As well as determination, resilience is another key to unlocking a door to a challenge, any difficulties that may lie ahead have to be overcome, for me that is probably going to be time, I am an author and have written many articles and blogs over the years however if I am to succeed in this challenge of writing a blog every day for 31 days I better overcome any obstacles of ‘not enough time’ I have to, move my butt and do it.

Consistency is a must, every day for 31 days I must write just like athletes train, consistency is what habits are made of and to reach an end result you must adopt this skill. If things get tough then keep on going for at the end lies maybe not a Gold Medal for neither Eddie or myself but the satisfaction of saying ‘I did it’

So what’s your goal remember if you face it with determination, resilience and consistency you too can achieve it.

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