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The 7 steps to abundance

The 7 steps to abundance

The 7 steps to abundance

If you have been following my 'Awaken' journey for a while you will understand the background to how the business started and what lie's within it's core. I, myself cannot believe that it has been five years since I left the corporate world as a result of hitting the buffers which took me down the dark journey of depression and anxiety.

Today I am so proud of all my work as my aims are met daily in that whatever I do, whether it is through 1-1 coaching, writing, speaking, working back in the corporate world, running workshops or working for charities I am always 'helping others to reach their full potential, through which they can go on to live a peaceful and contented life'

From experience I can guarantee you that it is within this contentment that wealth resides!

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the tips, tools and techniques that I embraced, these are what I share with others through my work and it is my hope that today they will help you in some way…

  • Be grateful for what you have in your life today, being grateful brings about an energy through which the Universe will deliver more things to be grateful for in the future.
  • Live in the present - for now is all we have, I read somewhere that worrying is like paying interest on a problem that hasn't happened yet, how true this is.
  • Take time to dream, visualise the way you want your life to be, embrace it as if it is your reality, the thoughts alone will make you smile.
  • Get a journal and jot down some affirmations in the present, as in I am, I have, I can, I do - be inspired to act and make your life happen.
  • Don't sit around and wait, get up, move about, dance and laugh - if we search inside our memories we will always find a smile hidden there, so if today is a 'wobble' day then pull out something from within - trust me this will work!
  • Make that phone call - we all have someone in our life who is a positive energy, give them a call and enjoy a cuppa as you chat.
  • Believe you can be who you desire to be and live in the knowing you can change your life if it is what you truly desire.
  • These are just some of the ways that can help you reach your full potential. We are only travelling this journey for such a short time so as my lovely friend and mentor Sue Stone says don't get caught up in the drama, we have an average of 60,000 - 70,000 thoughts a day - make them positive and watch your life change.

    I had to change my thoughts in order to change my life, its not easy but through experience I have gone from 'duvet days' to living a happy, contented life with a satisfied mine and if I could bottle how I did it in order pass it on so others could enjoy the same I would. I see so many striving to be successful believing that with it will come wealth - well you can rest assured as I have discovered, wealth comes in many forms and not always as money which is often how it is portrayed.

    So to discover more about becoming wealthy in ALL AREAS of your life please take time out to work through the points above, if done as a daily exercise for the mind you will indeed see changes, just as you would if you exercised the physical body daily.

    It's worth remembering that if you 'change your thoughts' you will 'change your life'


      • Theresa Lawson
      • 03-Apr-2019 05:03 PM

      Brilliant advice. I need to read your book.

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