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Reach for the Stars!

Reach for the Stars!

Reach for the Stars!

Today I want to share with you the above ‘Why do I Succeed’ poster that I saw in a newspaper where it was stated in an article about Andy Murray and I have to say it rang a bell.

As I have gone along my life’s path I have always been determined to succeed in whatever it is I put my mind too. I will give more than 100% where I can and do it from the heart.

At times I have witnessed others who give up at the first hurdle and I have to say it is a shame when from the outside you can see that one final push, one final fight and one final standing tall against the odds would of produced the results they desire.

It is within us all to  live the life we imagine for ourselves, we can reach for the stars and touch them if we only stand on tip-toes and stretch that little bit further.

Over my life’s journey I have often taken stretched that little bit further to step out of my comfort zone, moving twice in my life to capital cities with no home to go to and no friends in the area being just two of them. I did however secure jobs in both London and Dublin before moving but that was all I had apart from a few belongings in the back of my car. My parents, family and friends whilst supportive all thought me just a little bit of a dreamer but on the back of that they thought it brave!

I, on the other hand saw it the opportunities as exciting, fun and a chance to succeed at making my dream a reality.

I believe that when you replace in your mind the fear of failure with the joy of success it feeds a determination that won’t sleep. The path to success is so much easier when the goal is something you love, something that you believe in and something that you can feel in your heart is right for you. I will admit getting up from falling down isn't always easy but honestly, if you can find the strength to do it the feeling of achievement will be worth it!

I carry the quote above in my diary to remind me that it is I and I alone who is responsible for ‘ME’ , it is I who makes things happen, it is I who will stand on tip-toes to reach my stars and it is I who can help others do the same with theirs!

Whatever ‘success’ means for you, go out there and get it; for living your life to its full potential is a game you can win, even if sometimes it seems a little out of reach. Just stretch…………..

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