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Mindset is Everythng

Mindset is Everythng

Mindset is Everythng


Over the last ten years I have come to learn that mindset is everything, I coach it, I tell people about it and I live it. As I am typing this the TV presenter has just actually coincidentally re-iterated this very theory.

It is often made to look so easy by others in books, across social media and on TV however from experience I can honestly say it isn’t always easy. When the chips are down and the journey seems uphill it is difficult to say to yourself, ‘I must stay positive as what is in my mind is in my life’ however this is when it matters most.

The one thing I have found to be important is the people you surround yourself with matters. There are those who almost embrace negativity and believe that the bad cards they have been dealt means that life will always remain that way. I can from experience tell you today that this does not always have to be the case, you can and will change your life by changing your thoughts and in doing this you can reach the goals you set yourself.

Today I had an interesting chat about money mindset and how by changing mine over the last year has bought with it financial freedom and security beyond my expectations.

It wasn’t a quick journey but it has certainly been worthwhile. With the help and support of my mentors and the local group I meet with monthly I am constantly reminded of how far I have come and how I can indeed continue to drive forward and live the life I imagine.

So where ever your mindset is stuck, if it is not delivering what you desire, surround yourself with positive people, positive situations and positive energy and watch as your future unfolds in a positive way.




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