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It's taken 10 years to share this

It's taken 10 years to share this

It's taken 10 years to share this

Well I didn’t quite fulfill the 31 days of blogging, time has just flown by and as a result I have missed a large number of days.

Today however marks a really important day in my diary for it is 10 years ago today that my life changed forever. I can happily say today that it was for the better however back then it really didn’t seem that way.

I still have my diary from that time and today I am going to share for the first time the entry from that very day. This hurt for so long but now it is testament to how far I have come and for that I am so grateful.

So here goes:

May 12th 2009 be forever etched in my memory, my soul and my very being.

May 11th was a very normal day; I had spent the weekend with my family and when I fell asleep that night little did I know that I would wake up and experience an earthquake in my mind.

Was it an earthquake, a volcano or a complete lightning strike that occurred that day, I will never know but what evolved was my story.

Due to who I am the loyalty to my morals and the fact I have forgiven all those who betrayed me, disregarded my friendship and caused the eruption of my mind I won’t disclose the circumstances nor the people involved in placing my sanity on the line.

It is suffice to say that anyone who was part of the circumstances that pushed me to the edge will know who they are should they ever pick up a copy of my book.

If this is the case I want them to know that I wholly forgive them, may they never visit the dark side and may life always treat them well. They have driven me to the edge of nowhere but I will make it through the rain and as my strength re-visits my soul so will the sunshine.

In their naivety they did me a favour and handed me back the belief that every cloud has a silver lining and for that I thank them.


-So there it is the diary entry from the darkest of times, little did I realise the relevance of the words I had written and how much thanks I do actually owe them. I have now put this to bed and as a result I’m able inspire others through my work to know that however dark it may be there is light and they too can step up to change their journey whatever the circumstances.

My lesson learnt - Always be determined, have faith and believe that there is light.

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