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I remember my results day!

I remember my results day!

I remember my results day!

I remember my results day!

This morning I visited the gym which is attached to my old school in Monmouth. As I come to the end of my session I watched groups of teenagers head off into the school to pick up their results.

It took me back to my results day and I can tell you now it was not a day I remember fondly.

As I read my results I remember getting upset, I felt a failure and that I had let my parents down. I left school with 4 C.S.E’s – not one O’level in sight! I had no idea what I wanted to do but took the option of going to college to train as a hairdresser. I did however succeed at this but on leaving college with credits and distinctions realised after only three weeks in a hairdressers, this was not for me.

It was then at the age of 18 I took on my first ever management job in the local newsagents and I loved it. I did go back to college to take an office course at the age of 20 however I liked typing as much as hairdressing so that too went past by the wayside. I can however rejoice in the fact that I did, at college manage as part of the course to get an O’level to my name!

It was at the ripe ole age of 21 that I finally found my career – management!

It started as a manager of a one hour photo shop, then I became an area manager before moving to London to manage photo shops in the heart of the west end.

My management career took me from that small newsagents at the age of 18 across many roles. I worked as a Group Regional Manager for two separate firms, managing over 200 staff; I worked as a sales team manager, a budget manager (looking after 8 million pounds worth of budgets), a project manager and an account manager. Overall my management career spanned 30 years across the Uk and Ireland.

In 2009 management in the corporate world took its toll and I suffered corporate burnout.

Since then I have built and grown my own successful business turning it into a Limited Company last year. I am a published author, which was a childhood dream. I am an award winning business owner and public speaker who believes whatever your school results you can live the dream.

I don’t think I’ve done bad for a girl who left school with 4 C.S.E’s do you?

So whatever your results today, rejoice in them – lift your head to the sky and know that ‘good is good enough’ – you did your best, no one can ask for more and trust me this truly is just the start of life’s magical journey and life will teach you many lessons.

Congratulations to all those whose grades are up at the top and Congratulations to all those whose grades are at the lower end

For you all deserve praise and support

Remember there are many others like me that left school with minimum or indeed no qualifications, out them a high percentage have risen to become successful high flying business personal and indeed entrepreneurs.

So stand tall and believe that today is just the start of an exciting life ahead - wherever you are on the list of grades!

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