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I missed two days - or did I?

I missed two days - or did I?

I missed two days - or did I?

If you have started to follow my blogging challenge then you may well have noted that I have missed two days, the reason being; it was the weekend!

Yep that’s right I don’t turn my computer on during the weekend unless I have to deal with something of an urgent nature. As a well-being consultant I promote ‘away from screen time’ in the evenings and weekends so I literally walk the talk. Admittedly I occasionally look at my phone however it is rare that I answer mails outside of work hours.

It is for this reason I didn’t blog as to do so would mean time in front of my computer, time being pulled away from family and friends and time I would never get back. It is therefore my intention to carry out the 31 days of blogging Monday to Friday.

We all have 86,400 seconds in a day, it is how you use them that balances your well-being. Every second spent you will never get back, it is never credited nor saved for a rainy day. With this in mind please ensure that you make every second count, do the things that matter, do the things that make you smile, spend the time wisely.

It is to this end I don’t turn on the computer at the weekend, whilst my 31 day blogging challenge is important to me and yes I will see it through,  I will however do it during my working day and week so that hours outside of this are spent away from the screen therefore walking the talk that I advise others.

Quality time spent with family and friends, reading a book, walking on the beach, laughing, listening to music are all things that fill my life with joy so I hope you stay with me Monday – Friday along my blogging journey and then rest as I do during the weekends.

Till tomorrow…….. Have fun!

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