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How does change make you feel

How does change make you feel

How does change make you feel

Well it has been a couple of days since I posted a blog solely due to personally things all got a bit hectic (and then we had the weekend) however I am back and starting the week looking at change.

In the English Collins Dictionary Change is described in 35 different ways…

However it is the number one description that I believe is the one that resonates and that is....

‘To make or become different, alter’

Over my life journey I have encountered many changes not least 22 house moves in 25 years, career changes through the corporate companies I worked for and of course relationship changes. However these and all other changes I have encountered have done one thing…

 Helped me to grow.

Change comes through experience and life after all is where experience comes before the lesson.

In life I have come to embrace change and to know that is always a step in a positive direction. In 2009 I encountered a change in my life that would literally alter its direction.

At the time that change was scary, I was afraid of the unknown and in no way did I believe that the change I was encountering would be beneficial to me and many others.

I had to work hard over time to understand that the biggest change of all had to come from within, that acceptance of this change was indeed the best way forward. I had to realise that it wasn’t all about what was happening but how I dealt with it that would prove to be the winning formula.

Five years on  from the experience that changed the course of my life I decided that I would like to know the science behind what I know to be ‘change your thoughts, change your life’. To do this I signed up to an NLP course followed by a Mindfulness course, together they made sense.

The mind is so powerful and yet we give it so little attention, we take it for granted and we believe it is our outer self that is the responsible partner out of the two. I can assure you from experience that this is not so and now I am proud to have certificates that say I understand why……

If you desire change in your life then take some time to nurture the mind, give it some rest, some TLC and allow it to be free to give you the answers that lie deep within. Become empowered to make the changes you desire by following your heart and know that outer change can only begin once the mind knows the direction to go. If you desire positive change, think positive thoughts; don’t allow the negative thoughts to become powerful and embrace change before it has happens, this way the energy flowing to it will ensure that change for you will be a positive experience.

It may not come without a little discomfort but then remember it is not what happens to us but how we deal with it that will make the journey easier.



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