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Happiness is within us all

Happiness is within us all

Happiness is within us all

Last week on Wednesday the 20th March the media informed the world that it was International Happiness Day, Over time I have often heard the words ‘I will be happy when….’ I guess I have maybe even used them myself however, if we just take time out to sit and contemplate what we have today in the ‘NOW we will indeed find many reasons to smile.

We so often lose time searching for something that indeed is not actually there as happiness is not a ‘item’ nor is it anything that someone else can give us, it does though reside within often just waiting for us to recognise that we can take advantage of it whenever we want to.

I have heard single people say they will be happy when they meet someone to share their life with

I have heard those with financial issues say they will be happy when their money situation improves

I have heard some say I will be happy when I lose weight

And so it goes on…. Holidays, material items, new jobs all accredited with ‘I will be happy when…..’

As I have travelled my journey I have encountered many experiences that have made me ‘unhappy’ but over recent years I have discovered that if I am grateful for what I do have, if I forgive those that I believe have caused me hurt and if I concentrate on my own personal goals I will indeed be contented, which in turn will ensure I lead a peaceful and happy life.

I am fortunate now to have woken up to the fact that my happiness in life is dependent on me and no-one else, yes I can share my happiness with others but it is mine and something that each person must discover for themselves.

We all create and make our own reasons to smile; the road to happiness will be different for us all but we all have the power within to bring it forth.

So this weekend take a little time out, write a gratitude list and be thankful for all that you have, look around you and whatever makes you smile write it down, take a moment to smile at a memory, think about your short term goals and take some inspired action towards them, look to forgive others and be kind to yourself; If you can work towards to making these regular actions the happiness you may have been looking for will indeed be yours as it comes from within and rests upon your shoulder!

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