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Blue Monday!

Blue Monday!

Blue Monday!

Well today in the national calendar is indeed Blue Monday.

Blue Monday was originally conceived by a PR company but has since become a national event. The reason behind it is a series of factors that apparently effect our mood on what is essentially the third Monday in January. The factors which have noted are the weather and it is sure horrible here in Wales today, debt level, the amount of time since Christmas, time lapsed since failing our new year's resolutions, low motivational levels and the feeling of a need to take charge of a situation.      

Now I don't know about you but I can certainly relate to a number of these! 

Today has heightened my feelings of taking charge of situations that need sorting (business wise), I have a number of things that have required my attention since the beginning of the year and so I am on the case. There is something to be said of taking control, it certainly empowers you to 'kick your own butt', to crack on and to focus with clarity and determination.

If you are feeling the effects of Blue Monday go easy on yourself, here are a few tips to also hopefully help you through any of the above that today may be lowering your mood!

  • The weather - this is one thing you cannot change so just accept it for what it is and know that behind every cloud lurks the sunshine and it will appear again soon.
  • Debt Level - If you are concerned about debt then seek help, do not be alone with this. When I needed help years ago I turned to the charity 'Step Change' - really helpful and a totally free service - here is their website
  • Amount of time since Christmas - again don't be blue about something you can't change - look forward and count the days to Spring - it is only 45, mark them off on your calendar and enjoy the evenings getting lighter.
  • Time lapsed since failing new years resolution - You haven't failed, you just have a slightly delayed start - whatever it is -YOU CAN DO THIS - start TODAY.
  • Low motivational levels - Time to take care of yourself, do not push yourself beyond your limits, practice some self care, be grateful for what you do have in your life and forget the stuff you don't. Look around you and practice some mindfulness of being in the NOW. Take some time out for you, read a book, contact someone who will make you smile.
  • Feeling of taking charge - this is a good one and has I mentioned above it will empower you to rise above Blue Monday. Whatever is troubling you take one baby step towards dealing with it today. One step at a time will bring results. Don't put it off until tomorrow, trust me you will go to bed tonight feeling better knowing that you took one action step today - even if it is just taking time to jot down in a notebook your plan.
I hope these tips have helped you today and indeed any day when you may just feel a little blue, after all I know from experience that sometimes Blue Monday can happen any day, date or time for some. 

Here's wishing you a bright 2018 - a year when taking charge could change everything!



    • Stephanie Taylor
    • 15-Jan-2018 05:30 PM

    This was just the boost I needed today. And SO delighted that it's only 45 days until Spring!

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