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Are you Stressed?

Are you Stressed?

Are you Stressed?

What does stress mean to you?

If you look up stress in the dictionary it has many meanings however, I am guessing for most people it is stress as a variable noun we all recongnise:

Collins English Dictionary – Variable noun –

‘If you feel under stress, you feel worried and tense because of difficulties in your life’.

In todays world so many people are heard to say ‘I’m stressed’ but are they? Are they just having a bad day? Do they have too many things on that day? Have they forgotten someone’s birthday? Are they stuck in traffic?

While all the above can have an adverse effect on our mood put into perspective, they don’t altogether fit in with the description above. It is indeed maybe when one or more of the list above happen every day of every week of every month that the word stress takes on it’s accurate role. When this happens and then added to the mix comes relationship issues, illness, work overload, redundancy and many other life changing events stress will most certainly take over.

Today is National Stress Awareness Day – held by International Stress Management Association (ISMA) who established the day in 1998.

If stress is left to fester and is left unrecognised over a period of time it can move on to be the root cause of more severe mental health conditions and can sometimes even cause physical symptoms that need addressing.

Stress is certainly not something to be messed with, many years ago my life became so stressed over a period of time that it caused me to burn out in a big way. I know now I should of reached out for help sooner, I should have beaten through the self-stigma I carried and held out my hand to others.

Today I urge anyone whose stress isn’t just having a bad day to pick up the phone, talk to someone and know that if left to fester in time the stress will take you down a road that at times is dark and is certainly lonely.

There is so much help out there, don’t be alone with stress, trust me in time it’s not good company to keep.

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