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1,601 and counting

1,601 and counting

1,601 and counting

I am so excited that June 2016 sees a month of celebration. I have indeed decided to celebrate two important events in my life that have quite literally changed the course of my life journey!

It was seven years ago that I crashed out of a senior role in a large business, this in turn ended my thirty year corporate career. At the time I felt I would never celebrate again however here I am in 2016 embracing what happened and in turn working at turning that negative experience into a positive one to help others.

I have learnt that every experience good or bad carries with it a lesson from which we grow. We all have the freedom of choice; that choice is whether too hold on and carry bad experiences into our future where they can leave us sad, bitter and negative or to use the experience as lessons through which we see light that enables growth and positivity to flourish.

Good experiences can also be used for growth as we need to embrace the lessons in these and know that whilst we cannot re-live what happens we can indeed use what we learnt to bring about more of the same.

I have learnt from all the experiences I have had to offer up gratitude for all that I have learnt and all that I now carry within me as a result. This is indeed cause for celebration.

My second cause for celebration is that June sees me carry out my 100th talk for Time to Change Wales, see above. It is through these talks I have spoken to 1,601 audience attendees about my story and the great work this organisation does.

During this time I have also spent time with other champions listening to their stories, a good many of which have bought a tear to my eye and to those listening in the audience. It is through this organisation I have met so many whose life experiences have given them the tools to help others and I know that each one of them is grateful in the knowledge that some good has come out of what indeed could be classed as the negative situation they went through.

So today take a look at your experiences and truly dig deep for the lessons that are hidden within and ask yourself how can seemingly the ordinary of experiences be turned into something extraordinary.

NB. Don't forget to then celebrate the milestones that those lessons delivered!

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