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2020 Vision (board event)

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Lighting Your Journey Ahead

18 Jan


1 Day


2020 Vision (board event)

Do you feel stuck?


Do you have the confidence to step out of your comfort zone?


Do you have a Vision of how you want your Reality to look?


Are you ready to live the life you imagine?


If so then then this is where you need to be….


Come along and join us at the 2020 Vision Boarding Event at the Beaufort Hotel, Raglan. It is here where you will really begin to understand how thoughts and visions become reality. There will tips, tools and techniques on relaxation, empowerment and how these can assist you to gain the confidence you need to step up and step out!

Vision Boarding is a proven way to bring your future to life; So come along and join us, it is your chance to be creative whilst having fun and releasing the child within. I can guarantee that laughter will be part of the day as you happily cut and paste your future life together, piece by piece. Watch as the jigsaw of your future life comes together then discover how by placing this within your daily vision you can bring the visions alive.

As well as using vision boards in my life I have witnessed the great results others have achieved, the magic simply unfolds. I have seen babies born, marriages take place, flights upgraded on holidays and new jobs all by working with vison boards and belief

So to take your next step to the future you desire


Book your place and start visualising today…. All you need to bring along is a photo of yourself and any pictures, words you currently have that reflect the future you desire.

So Stop Dreaming and Start Living….

The price is inclusive of…

The one day workshop

All creative tools required


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