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I am Beverley Jones, award winning Inspirational Business woman of the year, Speaker of the year and a Business Wales Excellence in Mentoring 2017 Winner yet I describe my 2009 as my annus horribilis; this was a year that saw me crash out of a 30 year senior corporate career diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety.

About Awaken

About Awaken

In August 2010 I opened the doors to Awaken, and my vision is of a world where everyone is empowered to ensure their life and / or business reaches its full potential.

I am now living my dream of becoming a successful business owner, published author and public speaker and it is through these avenues that I continue to help many others understand that riches start within and not in the material physical world.

I am a fully qualified Coach, have a Stage 1 knowledge of NLP and hold a certificate in 'Mindfulness Skills' but I don’t take a ‘text book’ approach. These qualifications along with a wealth of life experience and my extensive knowledge of the small business, corporate and public services world give me the tools to assist across all areas in the business world.

Through this I have devised The Corporate Angel Programme and developed the Awaken Business Club, both of which, whilst holding your hand on the path to success have life / work balance at their core.

I’ve also trained with Sue Stone, author of ‘Love Life, Live Life’ (who was a Secret Millionaire in the Channel 4 Series) and I’m an accredited master coach with the Sue Stone Foundation.

In September 2012, my first book ‘Made it Thru the Rain’ was published. The book chronicles my journey through depression to recovery and beyond, and shows how experience can indeed be the greatest gift.

Today I am grateful for the life I live and it is because of this I carry out many voluntary roles alongside my business as to me, giving back is certainly as important as receiving.

For each of us I fully believe that life is not about standing still, it’s about living and enjoying every moment of its precious gift.

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We value feedback and use it to improve our services and how we do things. Here are the few of the testimonials we've received.

  • Testimonial

    Beverley has made several presentations at our business lunches and each talk has been informative, inclusive, entertaining and inspirational. Bev's personal outlook is very positive and this becomes evident as you listen to her speak. After each presentation Bev has people queueing up to speak with her and to learn more about what she has to offer.

    Lynne Orton – Professional Facilitator

  • Testimonial

    I have been at several of Beverley's presentations at different events across South Wales and they are always hugely interesting and inspiring. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone that is looking for a coach, or indeed looking to make changes to their lives. Her enthusiasm is infectious and motivating. Well done.

    Liz Gibbs-Murray - Office and Marketing Manager, Hawthorn Accountancy Solutions Limited

  • Testimonial

    Honest, engaging and fun. That’s how to describe Bev Jones when she is in front of an audience. The Forest Business Womens Network benefited from hearing how Bev has grown and developed her unique business from seed to sunflower! I would highly recommend her as a speaker, presenter and facilitator. Thank you Bev you are a star.

    Sally Phillips - Owner, Women2success

  • Testimonial

    I attended one of Bev's empowerment sessions. I knew Bev's story but still found the session thought provoking and motivating. Bev is very calm and offers practical advice rather than dictating a course of action. Using her own life story, Bev shows that if you want it enough, there is always another way.

    Sarah Russell - Freelance copywriter

  • Testimonial

    Beverly's business growth workshops are well thought out, full of very useful information and put across in a way that is easily understood, creative and fun! She has a very down to earth attitude to business and will tell you which methods are the most appropriate for your company to use.

    Karin Whittaker - Jewellery Designer and Maker, Karosa Jewellery

  • Testimonial

    I recently attended one of Awaken’s business coaching courses hosted by Beverley. Not only was it a lovely, relaxing day but there was a lot of valuable information and encouragement to help you achieve your business dreams. I'll definitely be keeping in touch to let you know I am getting on, Thank You.

    Iona Callaghan - Bookkeeper, Ivy Wood Bookkeeping

  • Testimonial

    I met Bev regularly for one to one coaching over several months. She held me accountable for my actions or inactions, and was a sounding board whenever I had a wobble. She never judged, but always gently and firmly reminded me that I was responsible for creating my own future. I have become more focused and more confident. Her incredibly positive energy is infectious and you can’t help feeling happier after spending some time with her. I also know I’ve made a friend for keeps.

    Deborah Holland - Partner, SmithHolland Creative

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